Vehicle Impounds


The Police Department is authorized to remove vehicles which have been issued a traffic citation from public streets under the following circumstances:

A. Disabled Vehicles - When the vehicle is so disabled as to be incapable of being driven.
B. Incapacitated Operator - When the person in charge of the vehicle is Incapacitated, Incarcerated, Unlicensed or Absent.
C. Hazard or Obstruction - When the vehicle is parked illegally so as to constitute a hazard or obstruction to traffic.
D. Unattended - When the vehicle is left unattended on a public street within an area posted to prohibit parking during an emergency or special event.
E. Parked over 72 Hours - When the vehicle remains on a public street in violation for a continuous period exceeding 72 Hours.


If your vehicle has been impounded because of a parking violation, or because it was disabled in a traffic accident, it is important to retrieve the vehicle as soon as possible to avoid daily (and costly) impound lot storage charges.

Do you need a Vehicle Release on a weekend?

Please call the PG Non-Emergency Dispatch at 301 352-1200 The Dispatcher will contact the officer to assist you in obtaining the Vehicle Release for cars impounded by New Carrollton Police Department.

Requirements needed before obtaining a release are:

  • Car Registration or Title.
  • Valid Drivers License or Government Issued ID
  •  The Fee for a VEHICLE RELEASE is $100.00 -(Credit Card or Money Order Only – Cash and Personal Checks are Not Accepted)

**The Vehicle Release Fee does not cover any towing or storage charges from Charlie’s Towing.**


Vehicles impounded by the New Carrollton Police Department are towed and stored by: 

Charlie’s Towing

5913 Arbor Street, Hyattsville, MD 20781

Telephone Number: (301) 773-5818

Before a vehicle can be retrieved from the impound lot; a VEHICLE RELEASE must be obtained from the New Carrollton Police Department.

A Vehicle Release is an official form which authorizes the towing company to turn the vehicle over to its rightful owner, after the towing and storage charges have been paid.

Vehicle Releases must be obtained from the New Carrollton Police Department located at the 

City of New Carrollton Municipal Building, 6016 Princess Garden Parkway, New Carrollton, MD 20784

From 8:30am to 5pm, Monday – Friday.

 If you need to obtain a vehicle release that is not during our normal business hours please call   Prince Georges County Non-Emergency at  301-352-1200; to have an New Carrollton Police Officer to issue a vehicle release for an impounded vehicle.

To obtain a Vehicle Release you must be the Registered/ or Titled Owner (Showing proof of ownership by bringing either a registration card or Vehicle Title of the Vehicle), or have Power of Attorney, and you must have Valid Identification (Driver’s License, or Government Issued Identification or Passport).

If you have any questions please call the Police Clerk at: (301) 459-0142

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