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ParkingThe New Carrollton City Parking Authority is a civilian support unit of the Police Department, and works to educate the community and enforce the parking laws of the City of New Carrollton. The unit is generally staffed Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m., and at times on weekends and during evening hours, and is supported the rest of the time by police patrol officers.

The unit enforces all parking ordinances. Parking Enforcement activities include, but are not limited to, restricted parking zones, residential parking (only) zones, handicapped parking areas, fire lanes, loading zones, abandoned vehicles and vehicles parked against the flow of traffic. (Left wheels to curb.)


Below is a list of parking ordinances for the City of New Carrollton, Maryland. Parking in violation of these ordinances subject the vehicle owner to a citation, and possible impoundment of the vehicle. Fines for these violations are listed, along with the procedure for paying the citations or contesting them in court.

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On June 18th, 2014 the City Council adopted Resolution 14-10 implementing this new schedule of fines that will be effective July 1, 2014. Pursuant to Chapter 1 of the New Carrollton Code, the following is a schedule of fines the City charges for various violations:

100-5 (C) (3)(a)-Parking on a city street during a snow emergency-250.00

110-21 (A) (1) – Parked on a Sidewalk - $60.00

110-21 (A) (2) – Parked in an Intersection - $100.00

110-21 (A) (5) – Parked Against the Flow of Traffic - $60.00

110-21 (A) (6) - Parked in a Fire Lane - $250.00

110-21 (B)(3)- Parked in front of a private driveway w/o consent-60.00

110-21 (B) (4) – Parked Within 15’ of a Fire Hydrant - $250.00

110-21 (B) (5) -- Parked Within 20’ of a Crosswalk or Intersection - $65.00

110-21 (B) (6) – Parked over 6 inches from the curb, no standing, no parking-65.00

110-21 (D) ----- Unattended Vehicle with Engine Running - $75.00

110-75 ---------- Restricted Weekend Parking – $60.00

110-76 ---------- Parked Over 72 Hours - $60.00

110-78 ---------- Reserved Handicapped Space - $250.00

110-81(A) -------Parked Where Temporarily Prohibited - $60.00

110-81(B) ------ Stopping, Standing, Parking where Prohibited - $60.00

110-81(C) ----- Restricted Parking Not Otherwise Designated - $60.00

110-81(E) ------ Blocking/Preventing Another From Moving - $60.00

110-81(H) ------ Impede or Obstruct the Free Flow of Traffic - $60.00

110-81(J) ------ Double Parking – $60.00

110-84 --------- Unregistered/Abandoned Vehicle - $115.00

114-2 ----------- Parking Unregistered Vehicles/Trailers - $115.00

118-2 (B) (E) – Prohibited Parking on Unpaved Areas (Grass,etc.) -$60.00

118-2 (B) (8) - Parking of Commercial Vehicle - 75.00

110-77---------- Displaying expired registration, license plates(s) or validation tabs - $115.00

If you have received a Parking Citation on your vehicle and you wish to stand trial in District Court in Hyattsville, you MUST request a trial date by filling out the request form on the back of the citation, and returning it to the New Carrollton Police Department within 10 business days.

If you wish to pay the citation, you must do so within 15 Days of the date of the violation. Note: The Fine DOUBLES after 15 Days, and RE-DOUBLES again after 30 Days. Failure to respond to a Parking Citation may result in the Registration Renewal being withheld until the fine is paid. (If your tags have been "flagged" by the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) for failure to pay a parking citation, an administrative penalty of $45.00 must be paid in addition to the fine , before MVA will renew your registration.)

Parking Citations may be paid by phone at 1-866-894-2426, online at with a Major Credit Card. For walk-in you can pay with a Money Order or Major Credit Card (Partial Payments and Cash payment are not accepted) at the Municipal Center 6016 Princess Garden Parkway, New Carrollton, Maryland 20784- From 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday only. For further information call the Administrative Clerk at (301) 459-0142

During a City Snow Emergency the following restrictions are enforced:

-Parking is permitted only in driveways or on the even-numbered side of the street.

-While such restriction is in effect, vehicles shall remain parked on the even-numbered side of the street until the next calendar day following such time as the condition causing this restriction is cleared from the odd-numbered unparked side of the street at which time all vehicles must be moved to the odd-numbered side to facilitate clearing of the even-numbered side.

-Vehicles will be allowed to temporarily block the sidewalk in order to accommodate the maximum number of vehicles. Sidewalks must be cleared of vehicles within the twenty-four-hour period following the cessation of the snow fall and the subsequent clearing of both sides of the street.

- Any vehicle which is parked in violation of this plan shall be issued a $250 citation for such violation and be subject to being towed and impounded by the City Police Department.

It also is important for single-family homeowners or renters and business proprietors to remember that they are responsible for:

Removal of snow/ice from sidewalks abutting their homes or businesses

During a snow and ice event, residents and citizens are encouraged to wait 12 hours after the precipitation has stopped to call the City at 301-459-0142 or Public Works at 301-577-1008 to report concerns about roadway conditions.

The City is committed to snow removal from all streets in a timely fashion. Please assist us with our snow removal efforts by calling us or emailing us at or

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